User interview? Virtual catch-up session with my friend? Both?

There are some things that once you see it, you can’t ever unsee it. Things like the Monopoly man’s lack of a monocle, or the fact that Curious George didn’t have a tail — if you know, you know!!! For me, I’m starting to gradually see (and apply) UX in my life no matter where I am.

Here’s a look into the madness:

1. Feature prioritization to identify the key features of each week

Networking, job applications, side projects/freelance, leveling up skills, writing pieces for Medium, fixing up my portfolio. You name it, it was on my list of things to do. I went super gung-ho and attempted to do it…

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

As a UX Designer who is currently in the middle of a job search, the application process is super daunting and has a lot of moving pieces. However, between writing up your cover letters, finding new job postings, and setting up coffee chats, that only takes up a few hours of the day. While I have navigated on figuring out my day-to-day schedule, I realized that there are a lot you can do to keep your design skills sharp and prepare for the hard and soft skills based components of the job interview.

Here are 5 things that I have…

An actual photo of my desk setup for the bootcamp and beyond

There’s a lot of mental preparation that goes into a UX bootcamp experience. For a lot of us, we’re navigating:

  • Moving through a career change
  • Going back to school for the first time in a long time
  • Learning remotely for the first time

I was so ready to tackle those tough mental hurdles, but one thing that tripped me up at the start of my bootcamp was the tactical element of online learning. How can I set myself up for success?

Here are five things that I’ve picked up along the way:

A decent set of wired headphones with a mic can do wonders.

We’re all cooped up inside, and for those…

That’s me on the second row on the all the way on the right!

A week ago I graduated from a UX bootcamp. In those 12 weeks, my entire life on weekdays was regimented:

  • 8:15AM — wake up
  • 8:30AM — make breakfast
  • 9AM-5PM — lecture/studio
  • 5PM-🌚 — work on projects

Seven days later… Now what??! Here’s what I’ve been working on this past week.

Portfolio (3–4 hours each day)

Here’s the thing about portfolios. I have been told time and time again that you will not be satisfied with it by the time you need to submit it to the career coach. That is completely okay! A portfolio is always going to be a living and breathing body of…

Abby Nanquil

I’m a UX Designer based in NYC. (I also teach Japanese!). Check out my work at

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